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Achim Rosemann


Dr. Achim Rosemann is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Bionetworking in Asia Project. His current work unfolds along four lines of inquiry:

(1) The dynamics and controversies that surround the global distribution of evidence-based medicine research standards in the field of regenerative medicine.
(2) The ways in which research and regulatory practices in emerging fields of medicine change, under the impact of the transition toward a “multipolarizing” global science system.
(3) The implications of these processes for social theory; in particular theory that is dealing with the interrelation between science, development and globalization.
(4) The challenges (and opportunities) for the performance of multi-country stem cell clinical trials, that emerge from regulatory, material as well as socio-cultural differences across countries.

Rosemann has conducted his PhD research in the context of the ESRC funded “International Science and Bioethics Collaborations Project”. His dissertation: “Multi-polar Technoscience: Clinical science collaborations in a changing world system” has focused on the formation of trans-continental knowledge partnerships between researchers in China and the USA. These processes have been analyzed in relation to debates on: a) the transition of China from a production to an innovation society, b) the global distribution of evidence based medicine and RPC clinical trials, c) the globalization of science in a context of multipolarity.

For his university web-profile please see: http://www.sussex.ac.uk/global/internal/departments/anthropology/people/person/219864



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