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Dr. Prasanna Kumar Patra is a postdoctoral fellow with the ESRC project on Bionetowking in Asia of the Centre for Bionetowrking at University of Sussex, UK. He is also a Reader in Anthropology at Utkal University, Bhubaneswar in India. He earned his Ph.D in Anthropology from University of Delhi in 2002 and has postdoctoral research experience at Leiden, Kyoto and Sussex universities.
Prior to this position, he was a Japanese Government’s Mombukagakusho research fellow at Kyoto University in Japan between April and November 2005. Then, he joined the Socio-genetic Marginalization in Asia Programme (SMAP) at the International Institute for Asian Studies, Leiden University in the Netherlands and worked between December 2005 and August 2009. At SMAP, his interest was to research the links between social marginalization and genetic knowledge in the study of vulnerable communities and health care policies in India. Thereafter, between January and November 2010, he was associated with the International Science and Bioethics Collaborations (ISBC) – a collaborative inter-university endeavor between universities of Sussex, Cambridge and Durham in UK.
Dr. Patra’s research interest lies at an interface between socio-cultural and biomedical dimensions in stem cell science and biobanking in India. As part of the ‘Bionetworking in Asia’ project, his research will particularly examine the complexities in proliferation, translational bionetworkings and collaborations of stem cell research, therapy and banking in India, in a social science comparative view with what is happening in other Asian countries such as Japan and China.
Medical anthropology and medical sociology
Population, development and health
Social studies of science and technology





E-mail: pkp27@sussex.ac.uk  /  pkpatra@rediffmail.com



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