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Suli Sui

Suli SuiDr. Suli Sui is Associate Professor at the Social Science Department at Peking Union Medical College, China. She holds a Ph.D. in Medical Sociology from Amsterdam University in Holland and a Masters of Law from Renmin University of China and a qualified lawyer. Sui is a member of the Ethical Review Board at Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and was a visiting scholar at the School of Public Health at Harvard University, Leiden University (Holland) and London School of Economics. Suli Sui specializes in the interdisciplinary field between medical science and law, medical science and bioethics. Sui has published/co-authored three books, 1 of which is in English, and about 20 academic papers, 4 of which are in English. In her role as Co-Investigator of the ‘Bionetworking in Asia’ team, Sui’s research will concentrate on exploring the concept of ‘bionetworking’ in China.  She hopes that this will offer a better understanding of ‘bionetworking’ in the Chinese context.





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